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Jenny Crisp harvesting willow Mother-Daughter Basketmakers & Willow growers Jenny Crisp & Issy Wilkes are Willow with Roots. Combining Traditional basketmaking with innovative design.


  We grow 7 varieties of willow for weaving in our field, based at Oldfield’s Cider, Worcestershire. In our case the willow doesn’t only serve us, it also helps the ciderworks. The beds are planted around four pools, the willow around the pools help filter the effluent water from the cider works. 

 Every year, between January - March we harvest, process and sort our willow crop ready to dry. The willow then dries for at least six month before we can soak and use it for our weaving. This devotion to growing is an integral part of our business, for us willow growing is on going with basketmaking and an inextricable part of the process that connect us directly to the land


 To share this passion and knowledge about growing, we have started a beginners course in willow growing. Jenny and I want to open the gates to other like minded green finger growers who aspire to do grow their own willow and have a connection to the land. 


 We also sell cuttings every year between Early December - Early March.  If you would like to hear about when our shop in open for ordering cuttings, please email us with you request, or sign upto our mailing list to be notified when cuttings are available. We are a fully licensed seller of living plants within the UK, each order comes with its own plant passport. 

We selling cuttings

to customers wanting to plant theirown willow.



We run a Beginners Course in Willow Growing every January.



A book by Jenny Crisp

Signed Copies available online.



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