Willow Pod Wicker garden scuplture, By Basket makers and weavers, Jenny Crisp and Issy Wilkes. Commission for Cheslea Flower Show 2019



  The willow pods were originally designed as a series of sculptures for Jardin Blanc, Raymond Blanc's garden and eatery at Chelsea Flower Show 2019. Due to their popularity, we now take commissions for pods in a range of sizes. The pods are made entirely from British grown willow, in a mix of our hand-cut willow from our fields in Worcestershire and supplemented with willow from master willow growers Musgroves, in Somerset. The ornate colours come from a range of basket making Willow varieties such as Whissender, Black Maul, and Brittany Green.  The pods are handmade by Jenny and I, we do it all from hand bending the metal frame to weaving the intricate shape. 

We've created our pods for people to enjoy, they wait for you to interact with them and make them your own. They are both a space to play in whilst exploring the outdoors (the den) as well a bring a space to retreat to in order to reflect (the hideaway). 


**We are taking orders for Summer 2022 **

Please email us if you would like to know more.


Prices are as follows:


£2000 Extra Large (200cm wide x 150cm tall - 110cm doorway)

£1600 Large (180cm wide x 140cm - 100cm doorway)

£1100 Medium (150cm wide x 115cm tall - 82cm doorway)

£600 Small (100cm wide x 75cm tall- 55cm doorway)



UK Delivery arranged separately - Cost will be calculated by mileage.

Delivery of the pods can be arranged, costs vary depending on the distance. 


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BEE HIVE PODS, Music Festival, Boomtown Fair, Winchester 2016

GIANT MOTHER POD, Private Commission, Photoshoot, Worcestershire 2019


THREE PODS, Jardin Blanc Eatery, Chelsea Flower Show, London UK, 2019

MOTHER AND CHILD, Out of nature, Pensions, Herefordshire 2020







- Flooring/Rush matting not included. 

- If left without treatment and left exposed to the elements, the sculpture will last between 3-8 years It will last longer if brought under cover in the winter months. It will last longer if kept off grass/damp ground.

- To protect and increase the life of the pods, we have sprayed your pod with weatherproofing varnish. The life of the pods will be increased if you treat it with weatherproofing spray once a year (clear varnished or decking spray). If the later is done consistently the pods will last upto 20 years. 

Helpful tips: on a permanent set-up, you could put down stone slabs or a wooden plinth. For a temporary set up you could put a circular plastic sheet down before laying any matting, this stops soft furnishings getting too damp.