Willow Star Wand

** BEWARE: White Willow wands have magical properties. **


The Willow Wand is a simple toy that provides children and adults endless hours of fun and enchantment, if mastered correctly of course. Or for those of you who are magic averse, it can just be used for decoration in a pot of flowers or simply just hung on a wall.


 Each wand has been shaved to have a flat edge that can be used to write names or magic spells. If you would like us to write something on your wand we’d be more than happy, just add it to the comments box and the willow fairies will get to work!


All our products have been handmade by craftswomen Issy Wilkes and Jenny Crisp.


Our wands can be washed by sponging with soapy water and left to dry.

Willow Star Wand