Willow Christmas Wreath

Our Willow Christmas wreaths are made from British grown dickie meadows and black maul willow varieties. There are three colours;  steamed chocolate brown, dusty green and stemmed burnt orange.


We have made two sizes, mini (approx 20cm ) and standard (approx 30cm) 


 These wreaths are great for first-time wreath makers (like myself) to have a go at crafting their own handmade wreaths, whether it be with a few pieces of understated rosemary or crammed full of berries and ferns from the garden/hedgerows, the possibilities are endless. 


Our products are made from sustainably grown materials and are reusable for years to come. Plus they handcrafted by a tiny rural business, Jenny and I, and are the perfect base to start being creative during… dare a say it…. Lockdown. 


The process of making a willow Christmas wreath from scratch is very simple, you just keep wrapping a single strand of willow around its self to form a circle - then repeat again and again to build our wreath. If you would like step by step instructions on how to make your own willow wreath plus many more lessons in willow, you can go to Jenny Crisp’s book, Willow. 


Please note: because of the simple way of wrapping this natural material together, no plastic, glue or pins, it possible for a few pieces of willow to pop out on occasion, but they are easily be wrapped back in. When the wreaths are added to, this won’t happen.

Willow Christmas Wreath


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