Tan Brown Sleepy Daisy Lampshade XS

This tan and brown willow lampshade has been designed to play with light and shadow, whilst staying true to its modern but natural aesthetic. Named the ‘sleepy daisy’ by my daughter/grand daughter and flower enthusiast, Orla, the repeating loops of willow echo that of daisy all closed up for the night. 


All our products have been handmade by craftswomen Issy Wilkes and Jenny Crisp.


Size : 34cm Tall x 30cm W

Fitting: White 10cm 





All our lampshades are treated with Flametect C for Natural Materials, a flame retardant spray. However we do not recommend using ay bulbs that make heat. 


This lampshade has a 10cm utility rings, that fits either a;

  • BC(BayonetCap) orBritishStandard SES 
  • ES (Edison Screw / EuropeanStandard)42mm InternalDiameter

Tan Brown Sleepy Daisy Lampshade XS