Brown Willow Hearts


Our Brown Woven hearts are a perfect gift to a loved one, especially those who are far way because they are easy to post (unbreakable and flat)!  Our simple design is handwoven in brown willow grown and harvested from our willow fields in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The striped colours vary from reds, greens and oranges, to browns, blacks and purples, using over 15 varieties. 


(Please note: The colours will vary from the patterns in the stock photos. If your would like to order specific colours please contact us directly or add your requirements to the order comments and we’ll see what we can do!) 


All our products have been handmade by craftswomen Issy Wilkes and Jenny Crisp.


Available in sizes:


Extra Small 10-15cm 

Small 15-20cm

Medium 20-25cm

Large 35-30cm


Variations in size and colours are possible, please contact us directly if you have enquires about bespoke orders, we’d love to hear from you. 


Our hearts can be washed by sponging with soap water and left to dry. To preserve your willow product it should be kept inside. 


Brown Willow Hearts