Big Bell Lampshade No.1

This series of Big Bell Lampshades are play prototypes left other from previous commissions. They are a favourite statement peice, for larger spaces double heighted spaces. 


Size: 69cm Tall x 60cm Wide 

Weight: 2.5kg

Fitting: NO FITTING (see below)


Some are discounted because they have a slightly wonky/rougher finish, but like all those bald christmas trees and sunken cakes they deserve a home too! 


This Lampshade doesn’t have any internal light fittings because is it over the weight of 2KG. It needs to be hung independently of the lighting pendant from a chain, wire or string.  We recommend consulting with an electrician/builder to confirm how to install and what weights your ceiling can hold. 



Big Bell Lampshade No.1

£190.00 Regular Price
£95.00Sale Price