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We are starting to take pre-orders for willow cuttings now, for delivery throughout January. From the start of January, we will be harvesting our willow field and processing cutting orders. You can find more information about the varieties we grow on our website, under Cuttings. Please email us with your order and we will add you to the list. Invoices will be sent out in January.

Willow cuttings are the first step to planting your own willow field. Willow is magical in the way it grows, all you need to do is poke the cutting in the ground (the right way up of course) and your willow will start to grow shoots and roots. If you want more instruction on how to plant your own patch, you can find more information in Jenny Crisps Book, Willow. 


There are around 400 species of willow, each with its own inherent character. Not all willows work well for basket making and so over the centuries, certain species have been cultivated to produce good working material to suit the maker and the item being made. Below are the varieties we use to make our work:


The 5 varieties of cuttings are sold in packs of 50 for £23 per pack. 


Postage for 1 pack is £4

Postage for  2-5 is £6

Postage 5-10 is £12


Please note:We don’t offer international shipping.


Grows to 6/7 feet in a year. Extremely straight and good for small to medium stakes as well as for weaving. Suitable for medium sized baskets. Dries to a beautiful dusty green colour.


A small, fine, strong and dense willow grows to 5/6 feet in a season. Suitable for making smaller baskets and for fitching. Dries to a deep mahogany colour.


Grows to 7/8 feet in a year and is larger in diameter than Dickie Meadows. Very useful for slightly larger baskets. Dries to a silvery grey colour.


 A very large and robust willow growing to 8/9 feet in a year with a large diameter. Good for stakes and weaving of larger basket such as log or storage. Dries to a brown colour.


A stout and vigorous willow growing to 7/8 feet in a year. Good straight rod so suitable for medium to large sized baskets as stakes or weavers. Dries to a chestnut colour.

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